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Chinees Cinderella

             Imagine how you would feel if someone disliked you because of the color of your skin. They"d judge you before they even got to know you. Why do people do this? In our non-fiction stories that we read, it all comes down to four things: greed, power, revenge, and fear.
             So far, out of all the stories I have read, power has been the number one reason for discrimination. For instance, in the book Chinese Cinderella the stepmother is cruel to her stepchildren in order to make sure they stay in line. They weren't treated like her own children, but like slaves. Always doing what they were told, whether they liked it or not. Then when they were not needed, they were just thrown out like the garbage. For example when the youngest was sent off to boarding school because her stepmother considered her not fit for the family.
             In the second book, Zack, there were many different reasons for discrimination, but there is one I"d like to focus on, revenge. Zack's grandfather had been cut off from the rest of the family long ago, because of his open hatred towards whites. Some people may tell you it's because his very own daughter married a white man, but it actually goes back much farther than that. It's more like revenge for all the years of hatred and cruelty the whites had towards him. He had been tortured long enough.
             In my third and final book, Shadow Spinner, power was also the reason for discrimination. During the time when Marajn was alive there was no such thing as "men and women are created equal." Women were more like slaves, while the men would sit on their thrones ordering them around. The women would do as they were told or face the consequences. Usually meaning death. For example, the Sultan had a hard time keeping a wife. It's not that he lost them or anything, but once he had any reason to suspect that they were disobeying him, well, lets just say they could never disobey him again.

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