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Othello and Iago's Soliloquies

            Othello is one of Shakespeare's most famous tragedies. One of the most infamous characters throughout this play is Iago. When Iago's name is mentioned, one can only imagine how the audience must feel being that he was a very treacherous character. However, in Iagos mind he is nothing like he is acting throughout this play. He believes that he is the victim, "I am not what I am"(1.1.66) and believes that he is justified to be the treacherous snake that he is. Victim? I think not. Iago has many soliloquies that show his true colors as well how he felt about everybody. Iago was overlooked to become lieutenant, therefore, manipulation, hatred and revenge was all that he possessed throughout this play. .
             In Act 1 scene 3, Iago clearly states, "I hate the Moor" (1.3.387), meaning that he hates Othello. Now if we back up a little in 1.3, Iago is laying out his plan to Roderigo. What plan you might ask? The plan to have Roderigo continue to pursue Desdemona, which is Othello's wife. He goes on to tell Roderigo that he should sell his land so that he will have money to follow Desdemona because she soon will grow tired of Othello and want a younger man. Plus, Iago implies on the fact that Roderigo is a fool and that it is easy for him to con men and that he should help himself financially while in the process of conning. As you can see this is very manipulative and the thing that is mostly motivating this action is his hatred for Othello.
             In act 2 scene 3 Iago make another soliloquy. However, this particular one is him gloating over the satisfaction of him using Cassio and Roderigo to further his plan and at the fact that it is simply easy to him. He is very excited and pleased that Cassio is all set up. He even makes the remarks "If I can fasten but one cup upon him" (2.3.45), meaning all he has to do is one more thing to further his plan. All this while saying in the same breathe that Roderigo is a sick fool because he is so in love that he would do anything for Iago.

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