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An Overview of Government Spying

            This essay discusses the issue involving government agencies like the NSA, CIA, and FBI and why they have no right to spy on citizens. The points included state that it's "un-American" for the government to do that because the idea of freedom paints the whole American picture. And because these secret agencies able to listen to every phone call and read every e-mail/text, it takes away the privacy and freedom. Before the US knows it, the government will have total control over everyone's life, and that's just the beginning. The other issue with this spying is how much time and money is being invested in it. There's an enormous amount of debt that already exists and we, as a country, don't need any more. The most obvious reason is because of the citizens itself. America's government is built on the idea of "power of the people" and sooner or later the people will start to rebel against the government and a second civil war could surely be on its way. This essay is merely explaining the solution to an arising problem.
             The United States government over the course of history has created many intelligence organizations for the safety of their citizens. One of them is the National Security Agency (NSA), it has existed since November 4, 1952. Another one, which is more widely known, is the FBI (Federal Bureau of Intelligence) was founded in 1908. The sole purpose for agencies like these are for protection rights, security, etc. The initial issue with this is that many of the country's citizens don't even know these groups exist, and are the slightest bit educated on what they're capable of doing. Recently, it appears that these agencies have been accused of abusing their power. It's so easy for them to reach any source of information in an instant right under our noses. It's not right for the government to use surveillance and spy equipment on innocent citizens.
             The NSA has been the most targeted and accused intelligence program for spying.

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