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Impressions of San Francisco Hotels

             From the outside, the building is very large and the appearance is not conspicuous, but it is located at Union Square that might be easily to be found. After walking in the hotel, it gives a feeling like siting and reading in the study at home. There are several studies are with some sofas and chairs. Then the lobby could make me feel comfortable and I would like to sit down and wait for check it, if I were a business man who needed a hotel to have a rest. However, the front desk has few staff that people might need to wait a little longer; also the design of the front desk probably coordinates to the lobby, quiet and concise. Finally, I think this hotel is made for businessmen who always fly round the nation. .
             Marriott Marquis.
             In the map, this hotel is extremely large which located at two big streets, the 4th street and the mission street. Its construction looks like a huge castle which makes it more beautiful and attractive. Its entrances are also convenient for guests; one is used for people, one is used for people who drive a car. As we walked into the hotel, the lobby is bright and vast which has reception desks surrounded. One special advantage of this hotel is the Concierge has many printed information that provides for guests, mostly the current community and the travel strategy of San Francisco, which is the part I really appreciate. It has not only elevator, but also few stairs for walking up to hotel restaurant. This hotel might be appropriate for everyone.
             Orchard Garden Hotel.
             This hotel is "located in the heart of San Francisco and blocks like Union Square, Chinatown and Cable Cars." Indeed, the location of this hotel is pretty good, but it does not have a suspended signboard that is hard to be noticed. The hotel appearance is like an apartment and has so many windows on the building wall. From the inside, a small lobby is with a front desk and several chairs, which is very simple and crude.

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