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American's Hero

            No matter what your past is in Hollywood you can be America's hero by committing an act of patriotism. This trend seems to come from the very basis that our country was founded on, patriotism. Outlaws and criminals was what was thought of people like Washington, Jefferson, Adams and the thousands of others who were involved in the revolt against England and other countries that drove us to our independence. They were not outlaws to us, they were helping us and what was to be our country, but they were considered bad people to the outsiders. That doesn't sound like such a bad deal, but does one good deed out way countless bad deeds? In Hollywood villains are turned from being a bad person for the majority of their life to instant heroes all the time with an act or acts of heroism and patriotism in numerous action/thriller movies. For example The Rock and Swordfish, in both of these movies an extremely "bad- person is transformed from this ruthless criminal to a desirable person that we, the audience, all approve of. .
             The movie The Rock is a great example of heroism through a patriotic act. Sean Connery in The Rock, is one of the most notorious federal prisoners of his time he is brought out of prison to help the United States FBI break into the Alcatraz prison to attempt to defeat an act of domestic terrorism. Connery is needed because he once escaped from Alcatraz thirty years before this movie takes place. As part of the deal to help the FBI he demands a hotel suite, clean suit, shave, shower and haircut. Before he is brought to the hotel to clean up he is wearing a blue jump suit, is chained up, and his hair is extremely long and scraggily. His whole image before he is to become a person of use to the United States is one of a scary man that you don't want to mess with. He looks useless; is dragging his feet, is slouched over and just looks like a slob. Sean Connery is known in the media as a sexy man, "Age don't mean a thing to PEOPLE's editors who, in 1989, gave the sexiest man title to a 60-year-old Connery -(Fisher).

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