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Personal, National and International Heroes

            As humans, we depend on any kind of superior existence to confide in, to place all of our hopes and faiths into. Heroes, whether it be a personal, national or an international one, offer that kind of reassurance. However, what is consistent with each of these heroes? What is the correlation? By analyzing the characteristics of heroes on a popular, political and personal scale, it will be shown that what all heroes provide is a sense of security for all to take comfort in. .
             For the same reason children dress up as their favorite superheroes and dash across the house, for the same reason adults rally behind masked icons, both Spiderman and the Batman are evident that people young and old need a figure to confide in. Merely the heroes' existence secures the citizens of their respective cities' well-being and more importantly, provides them the idea that they are just as able. For example, in a scene from Spiderman 2 (Film), our protagonist fights the infamous Doctor Octopus (also simply known as Doc Ock) on a speeding train. Spiderman is being viciously attacked and lays on the floor of the train, beaten. When his attacker slowly approaches him to deliver the final blow, an otherwise unremarkable man steps before Spiderman's limp body. The man states that for Doc Ock to get to our hero, the Octopus must make it pass himself first. The remaining passengers all take up his claim and proceed to surround Spiderman. This itself takes an astounding amount of courage which the passengers only possess because of their devotion to Spiderman, the fearlessness he instills in them and because he is renowned.
             A political hero offers the very same kind of comfort a superhero does. The comfort in knowing that a new hope is right around the corner is what keeps any chosen place, sane. Harvey Dent, a district attorney in the fictional Gotham City, is confirmation of the fact that with a person to idolize, and a face to trust, people will feel comfort to the extent of being fearless.

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