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Education: Power to Change the World

            The functions of education is to create citizens whom positively contribute to society and pass on knowledge obtained to the following generations. By completing these functions of education, citizens will ultimately develop the ability to think critically. Since my education has caused me to develop this ability of critical thinking, I believe the education provided to me has prepared me for a future career; however, I believe I am unprepared in regards to effectively manage the responsibilities of adults. Education is the primary reason that slavery no longer exists in a majority of the world because education allows individualization to occur. Individualization allows for citizens to develop their own identity and contribute to society with said identity. Citizens who contribute to their society ultimately inspire the change needed to improve the world to the somewhat peaceful and secure land that is taken for granted by several people. Examples of citizens who contribute to their society are doctors, teachers, soldiers, police officers, and fire safety officials. These citizens allow for education to occur in a safe environment, ultimately resulting in society to constantly improve itself.
             The secondary function of education is to pass on knowledge obtained from one generation and to pass that knowledge to the generations to follow. As a result of passing down information from one generation to the next, society has been able to improve itself by improving technology, making life saving discoveries in the medical field and by making new discoveries in the various branches of science. These improvements result in society benefitting from all the contributions made such as longer life spans and improved quality of life. Examples of improvements made to benefit society are defibrillators, microprocessors and exploring the solar system.
             Although I believe I have had success in achieving the functions of education, I believe; however, that the education provided to me has not completely prepared me for the future.

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