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Concepts of Self Regulation

            At first, my partner and I didn't know how to approach these students but somehow overcame that feeling since we didn't have that much time left with the project. Arriving there we got to approach our teacher Fernando Salinas, which is in charge of the Go-Center, and easily got to work on the project. He set up appointments with classes all around campus, which was a huge help for us, and that was our start up plan. The very first day we actually got started, we approached around 22 students and explained to them top to bottom in regards to the project. .
             As Corno & Mandinach explain, "Self-regulation of cognition and behavior is an important aspect of student learning and academic performance in the classroom context."(1983). We explained three major components especially important for classroom performance. First, self-regulated learning includes "students' metacognitive strategies for planning, monitoring, and modifying their cognition," meaning important strategies for planning ahead and knowing how to manage their time in school instead of wasting it.(1986) Managing their time is another important component. We helped and explained this with basic examples and with our last project we did for class. As we were all in the Go-Center Michael used me for this example," Alex spends all his time playing guitar instead of managing it with homework, assignments and projects for school. If he were to spend more time with his homework and other assignments, he would've gotten a better grade for his last quiz of class and have more free time after finishing it early." Everyone seemed to understand that example we explained, however we explained the benefits to them more in depth just to give them a wonder about it. I started realizing how important managing my time is ever since I took this class and it has helped me grow into a more responsible student than i ever was in the past. It's better actually doing your homework early than waiting for the very last second and hope to at least barely getting by the assignment.

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