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The Concept of Professionalism

            In my opinion, professionalism has many definitions and multiple meanings. Professionalism is a combination of expertise, competency, accountability, self-regulation and appearance. In an ideal workforce, professionals are committed to developing and advance their skills to deliver their finest work. They acquire the ability of efficiency and wisely manage their time. Professionals are honest and credible in all the work they do, as well as hold themselves accountable for any misunderstandings that occur in their way. They know how to remain professional and act respectfully under pressured circumstances. .
             Lastly, professionals are polished and dressed appropriately for their field of work. Appearance is a tremendous part of being professional that strongly displays confidence. I believe that employers agree with my meaning of professionalism and have a greater understanding of how it is to be professional in front of their customers. A time when I acted professionally was when I interned at an accounting firm, where I was a bookkeeper for a family run business. I am majoring in accounting with a minor in finance, so I acquired knowledge of the type of work I was performing. I tried my absolute hardest in being efficient, honest and credible. I had to complete many different tasks as to which I managed my time wisely. I also dressed professionally during my work hours. .
             I believe that the concept of professionalism in the workplace is similar to the professionalism that you bring to the classroom. Students, like employees, are committed to learning and advancing the knowledge of their desired major. Students are efficient and manage their time wisely when it comes to different assignments and projects. Students are honest, credible and do hold themselves accountable for any missing assignments or Many times students are also appropriately dressed for school. Though, there are times that the characteristics of "professionalism" are not always enforced by different individuals.

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