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Professional Organizations In Music Education

            In the music field of education there are several very important professional teaching organizations the first is the National Association for Music Educators also known as MENC. MENC was founded in 1907 with the intentions of covering every aspect of music education through choral, band, and orchestra. This organization is probably the most important for future music educators because it provide young high school, and college students the information and resources needed to be an effective teacher. There are over three hundred and fifty National Associations for Music Educators on a collegiate level. MENC in the United States. And the CMENC also is a huge resource for college students to work on their networking, and building up very important teaching concepts. .
             Music Teachers National Association, also known as MTNA, is also an important association for those in the music field. Theodore Presser and sixty-two of his friends in Delaware Ohio founded MTNA in 1876. This is the oldest professional non-profit teachers association in the world. The purpose of MTNA is committed to advancing the value of music study and music making to society and to supporting the professionalism of music teachers. The membership of this very prestigious organization is comprised of twenty-four thousand independent and collegiate music teachers of all instruments including voice. The California Association of Professional Music Teachers is also a very important professional music teacher organization. CAMPT is the state affiliate of the music teachers national association. There are over one thousand members of the organization teaching in private schools, public schools, colleges and universities. CAMPT offers variety of music programs for all fields of music. The last and very important teaching organization is the International Association for Jazz Educators (IAGE). The main purpose of this organization is to assure the continued worldwide growth and development of jazz and jazz education.

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