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The Humanities, Revolutions and Romanticism

            After many days of hard work and countless hours spent in the lab, I have finally completed my project, my time machine! The motivation to complete this project all started back in the fall semester of 2014, when I took a general humanities course. When my professor lectured the class about the Revolutions and Romanticism, it kept me at the edge of my seat and I could not be any more interested. Now that I have completed my time machine, I could finally visit this fascinating era of political and art revolutions. This paper is a summarized plan which includes my reasons for my time travel journey to the 1750s to 1830s that I am about to start. There are plenty of amazing historical feats that happened during this time period, so this is definitely going to be a long journey! I decided I would first check out how the three revolutions changed the Western World so fundamentally. I would begin with the Industrial Revolution, then the American Revolution, and finally with the French Revolution. If end up surviving and making it in one piece after all this, I would get more in touch with my artsy side. Another reason why this time period is so fascinating to me is the Romanticism style. The Romantic Movement in painting and music has so many masterpieces that I would have to witness in person. .
             To break in the time machine and start it up for the first time, I will set the date to the 1750s. During this time period of course, is the Industrial Revolution in England. The main reason why I would want to time travel back into this revolution is because I want to witness the substitution of machines for manual labor. I will go meet James Watt, the man who patented the steam engine. Experiencing this new change of energy source before your eyes is astonishing. By interviewing and getting in the minds of the people who fueled this change, it would give me an entire new perspective on how everything came to be.

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