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Commercial Comparison - Apple and Windows

            According to Neilson ratings, "Americans spend 34 hours a week watching TV." In spite of the prevalence of the Internet, television remains the convenient source of media for Americans, such as business men who watch the morning news and those who revel in staying up-to-date with their beloved television series; giving an advantage to marketing and advertising. Apple and Microsoft, two competing companies that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, both use commercials to advertise their new products; however, each corporation uses a different strategy to grab their audience. Although Apple's iPad Mini commercial focuses on pathos, the emotional appeal, of the consumer, whereas Microsoft's Windows 8 Tablet commercial aims at logos, logic, to prove to the consumer that the product is worth buying, the goal of these commercials is to enhance the experience of the consumer and convey the message that the company's product is the best. .
             The tone and appeal of a company's distinctive advertising style of its product can help consumers determine whether or not they want to purchase that item. Apple conveys the contemporary art of their product through music, creativity, clean shots, and also demonstrates how the product can be used. They have received much recognition for their products such as the iPad, the first successful tablet allowing consumers to conveniently access documents, watch movies, read books, play games, and do just about anything with a touch of a finger. In the iPad Mini commercial, a regular iPad is shown with two fingers tapping piano keys on the screen, playing a simple, uplifting, melodic tune. Then, another iPad, much smaller than the first, is pushed into the frame, and like the first, a finger taps piano keys of the slightly miniature screen, but instead, plays a harmony to the first melody. This simple, yet creative ad beams a whimsical tone through the notes of the tune that leaves the audience in a happy mood, gravitating them towards the idea of buying the iPad Mini.

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