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Virtuous Development: A mirage or Vow?

            Areas like Greater Noida came into existence to cope up with the expanding population. It was zoned before anyone moved in, a well planned city with abnormally wide roads. In order to maintain neutrality, all the sectors were named after the Greek alphabet. Every bit was taken care off so as to ensure that there was no kind of interruption on this developing land. However, just like a coin has two faces, the process of development has it's own pros and cons. On one hand it promised luxurious townships, state of the art facilities and a lavish lifestyle whereas on the other it came with a price, a price that was unfeasible for the pastoral-agricultural Gujjar caste. These fertile, high yield farmlands were acquired from the farmers by the GNIDA( Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority) before the city could be built. Although it made the landowners rich but it had the opposite effect on the landless workers. Soon, they found out the price at which these lands were sold to the private developers which made them realize how they had been tricked. Moreoever, these people were not even trusted to work as guards in the new residential complexes. .
             Crime significantly increased in these developing areas. The reason being people engaging in criminal activities in order to suffice their needs. Unemployed and helpless, these people find it easy to be a part of a misdeed instead of looking for a job which would help them suffice their needs. Security is a major concern in these parts as reports of carjacking and theft have become quite common. Even the dogs are not safe. The increased popularity of a specific breed led to a spate of dognappings. The goons know that the wealth resides here, wealth which has no defence. People are not safe even in the broad daylight. Even the domestic help are being robbed off. The situation has become worse. A land which was supposed to be an epitome of prosperity and peace is now like an island, buffeted by a treacherous sea.

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