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The Decline of Marriage in the West

            As people are constantly pushed to their limits on the daily basis and the today's world is revolving at ever increasing pace people start to dispute the basic principles of human societies. Most recently the importance of marriage has been widely discussed. Many people believe that the marriage is the thing of the past and it is not important anymore whether you live with someone inside or outside the marriage. The high level of freedom in western societies and the liberal lifestyle may favour this opinion but there are certain values that life outside the marriage simply cannot offer.
             Quite often we are bombarded by surveys and statistics that show that more and more people choose the live together outside the marriage. Recent statistics have shown that over the last twenty years the number of marriages in Czech Republic has dropped by 50 percent and the same number may be applied to any other country within Europe or United States1. What have caused such a dramatic drop? Several sources state the recent financial crisis as one of the main causes of low marriage rates2. People simply don't want to commit to anyone when they are not reasonably well-off and this financial perspective certainly discourages many of them from getting married. But what about the rest of people who are financially independent or simply don't take financial situation into account that much. According to Alexandra Hrouzkova, one of the leading Czech marriage psychologists, those people who tend to avoid marriage come from two main groups3. One of them are generally independent people who perceive marriage as a commitment that would take that independence from them. The other group are people who have either direct or indirect negative experience from previous marriage and they are reluctant to marry again. As marriage has equalled children for many centuries those various reasons meant that all these single people would be childless for the rest of their lives.

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