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Japan's Aging Population

            According to the Toshihiko (2014), among other Asian countries, Japan has been placed upper phase than easterners and would be the first nation in the aspect of the massive variation of the population. Decline of population means the rise of old age population enormously. It is an important issue because it concerns the fundamental moral and economic questions about the way people perceive on aging of population issues in japan. A variety of different arguments have been put forward about this issue. This essay will arguments about the main issue of an aging population in japan which caused financial burden and the purpose solution for the government. Low fertility rate is the main issues of ageing population in japan, to increase fertility rate strengthening family support policy is the best option for the Japanese government. These are in the aspect of mother leave and childcare services.
             Traphagan (2014) claimed that since two years Japan has been placed first in population change by losing millions people than other East and Europe countries. Beard and Buggs in 2012 argued that individuals who are old are the great supply of information for all relative, and neighbour in the society and in the official or non-official workplace. They support to prevent faults because they have good information.However, according to the International Labour Organization (2009), although increase old age population mean the great achievement in the history, creates the burden to fulfil the demands of old-age people. Furthermore, Walsh in 2014 also said that according to the various professionals, due to the "Demographic time bomb" of ageing population growth, health treatment and retirement fund are the challenges in all over the world. Importing work force and thieving the youngest are the fears due to financial burden. Moreover, Avery & Nelson (2014) asserted that Japan has been projected that the population has fallen 127 million to 87 million in 2060's which is started since 2006.

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