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The Aging Population in Japan

            Population ageing has been the source of many challenges in previous and coming decades. The term Population ageing is defined as the process of which older individuals ages 65 and above become a proportionally larger and over bearing share of the younger individuals and total population as well due to high life expectancy and declining birth rates. Population ageing is progressing rapidly in many industrialized countries including more economically developed countries (MEDC). Introducing Japan's population, there are nearly 2 million citizens that are over the age of 65. At present, under 15% of the Japanese population are aged over 65, by 2020 the country will expand over 25%. The existence of crime rate is low but so is the birth rate in addition to the fact that there seems to be a low fertility rate. Besides that, there is a large sum of elder individuals, leading it to become an Ageing population. Based on statistics, Japan being ΒΌ of the Japanese population are over 65 years old. In addition to that, Japan has the world's highest life expectancy at the age of 88, especially for women.
             There are many issues that has led Japan into the Ageing Population era, the economy holds a great deal towards the population and seems to be the main problem. As mentioned before, there are millions of elderly within the country, therefore, the expenses to pay for the elderly population are much needed. The government will have to take a great deal to pay for the elderly's health expenses. As far as we know, health expenses are not cheap and cost a great amount of money and the country are forced to spend more than twice as much as everybody else to support the elderly's health expenses. Furthermore, Elderly citizens are retired, therefore they require pensions. Additionally, where there is a large sum of an elderly community, there are retirement homes, thus more money required to fund it.

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