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Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement

            Abortion is not only an issue when it comes to ethics, but morally as well. There are two main opinions in relation to abortion which are, pro-life, and pro-choice. The countless amounts of opinions, and beliefs make understanding the choices of abortion a tough topic to debate. Everyone has to make a decision for themselves based on their values, so it does not make a matter or right or wrong. Different backgrounds make it harder to create a policy that would satisfy all parties. Strong arguments can be made in support of both pro-life, and pro-choice viewpoints. It is important to inform readers about the both viewpoints, rather than choosing, and trying to sway an audience to one side or the other.
             The ethical argument defending the pro-life opinion begins with the idea of personhood. No one has the ability to take another life. Many beliefs, including the Catholic tradition beliefs, that personhood begins at the time of conception. Therefore terminating a pregnancy at any time throughout the pregnancy is impermissible. Abortion is killing, and the only entity that is understandably allowed to take life is God. A human taking a life of another human being is murder, and disrupts the sanctity of human life. In 1982, the state of Pennsylvania passed the Abortion Control Act, that help set precedence in the regulation of abortions. Although it did not outlaw abortions, it allowed guideline that would make them getting an abortion harder to obtain due to enforcement of informed consent. Informed consent enforced several provisions, including a 24 hour grace period in which women had to wait, and was provided with information regarding abortion treatment. Another portion of the act made parents of minors sign an informed consent waiver to be sure that their parents or guardians were aware of the situation. Originally it also included that husbands had to be informed of their wife's choice to terminate pregnancy.

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