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Which is the Gay One by Chan Lowe

            Chan Lowe's "Which is the Gay One?" shows three coffins with the American flag draped over them. Signifying shared tragedy, and suggesting that dying for your country has little to do with your sexual orientation. It suggests that, "it is rather the work that one does; in this case, sacrificing his/her life should be the only thing that matters." Emotionally, this illustration is a little satirical and upsetting, all in one. It demonstrates how amusing it is that the U.S. Senate was attempting ban gays from openly serving in the military, calling it the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy. Even though it was out voted, the military diligently investigates all rumor of homosexuality to abolish the "mental-illness" from the ranks of the military. However, that is also the upsetting part about the illustration. It eliminates normal people, who have a different choice of sexuality, to serve in our countries military. Although the Senate was out voted to pass banning gays, it also puts fear into active military members that are "in the closet," because they are in constant fear of being discovered and reported. .
             Lowe earns his credibility a local reporter for his newspaper, and as a political cartoonist. He, as many of us, uses his freedom of speech to get his two cents worth on this issue and gets to write about it. Persuading his audience that having a homosexual in the military does not matter, because he is fighting for the same thing a straight man is fighting for. He has some credit, due to the fact that he writes for a living. He writes about this story on his blog, giving his opinion, and using examples he has come across. Using examples such as, Alexander the Great and a Vietnam veteran. .
             Lowes logical appeal to this illustration is there is no issue with gays serving in the military. He uses an interview, he saw on television with a Vietnam veteran, who is from the south.

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