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Comparing Liberia and Angola

            For decades, people have engaged in wars as a motive to bring about peace. However it has proven to do nothing but disturb and hurt the lives of millions of civilians around the world. It is an unjust and necessary evil into our society. Civil wars exist to end disputes over land, over throw religions and government, and to show superiority over other countries. Angola and Liberia have been involved in one of the most long-lasting and horrifying civil wars of our century. These two countries alone have lost thousands of lives, many of them including child soldiers. Though the reasons for why these wars occurred may differentiate, the impact and effects caused to their nations and people, especially in the way women addressed it, are very much similar.
             What is Civil War?.
             In a research study that was conducted to give an in depth analysis on the definition of a civil war, Gersovitz and Kriger (2013) explained civil war as a "politically organized, large-scale, sustained, physically violent 4 conflict that occurs within a country principally among large/numerically important groups of its inhabitants or citizens over the monopoly of physical force within the country" (p. 3). They also went on to say that civil wars usually have incumbent governments that control the state and have a monopoly of force before the civil war and challengers (p. 4). Furthermore, civil wars have been shown to be one of the most long lasting and horrendous battles compared to other wars. Furthermore, these wars cause much suffering and devastation to millions of families.
             Civil War: Peace or Continued Strife?.
             It is difficult to think of a world without war because we have grown accustomed to continuous conflict and have made it the only solution for peace. Though some may argue that war is necessary to create lasting peace and stability, war is in reality a crime against innocent people. It is of no use and always leaves a scar on both parties.

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