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TV - The Junk of American Society

            Television as medium of information and entertainment would always be a topic that leads to different points of view. For instance myself, deem that television is an untrusted medium of communication that change the way people think about history, religion, politics, commerce and education into forms of entertainment and that become as result of superficial people incapable of dealing with complexity and reality. Let us see, from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries America was considered to be founded by intellectuals, people with wide varieties of learning, rhetorical powers and people of deep faith to what the twentieth century brings us an age of media, where intelligence has been seen to diminish. Although television is a big platform of information around the world and many people found it useful at different social issues, I firmly believe that American television should give a proper use of information instead of impair human intelligence with superficial affairs.
             Firstly, American media has change the way people think. Neil postman, an American author, educator, media theorist and cultural critic. States that, Americans turn to television not only for their entertainment but for their news, whether, politics, religion, history and the most important for entertainment. I totally agree with this statement, people turn to the TV or even the internet to check up on their sources of entertainment and news. Actually, people rarely read a book or the newspaper, as they can flick a channel to get their source of information. In addition, whatever information people gather up, being truthful or not, it shapes our image of culture, religion and basic views on life. I believe that television is directed towards younger generations who turn to television first as their source for everything becoming in the most ill-informed people.
             Secondly, television It is the great disinformation machine.

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