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Does advertising harm society??

            Does advertising have a strong impact on society? Does it really influence the millions of people reading magazines, watching TV, and listening to the radio constantly?.
             The growth of the media age, starting with the Gutenberg era, has encouraged society to think about the consequences of new technology.
             The creation of media has given us great power and knowledge "yet we see its effect in our personal lives and in society as a whole. More specifically, many people feel that advertising has had great negative consequence. .
             Advertising isn't always a bad thing though as it helps businesses succeed in many ways, however looking at this situation from a different view there are many disadvantages to be considered.
             Advertisements are everywhere, we see them when we are going to work, when we are out shopping, watching TV, and hear about them when we are listening to the radio. Some advertisements seem to be everywhere we look brainwashing us into buying, encouraging and daring us to try the newest products which most of the time we don't even need.
             Firstly I would like to talk about food advertisements. Everyone has to eat, from new babies to fully grown adults, yet if you pay attention you will see that the majority of food advertisements are for Junk food. The trick of the market seems to be that as they advertise these yummy looking products which are available in every supermarket they are well aware that with each advertisement viewed by children the demand for these products rise and more and more parents across the world are forced into purchasing them. So why is why is this harmful?? The harm that this has on society and not just kids is that people are now paying more and more money for less products and eating unhealthy food. Kids see a shiny packet and demand nothing else. This junk food that nobody seems to be able to resist is causing bad health, weight excess and improper eating.

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