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Advertising Bombardment

            Today advertisements and most form of media are controlled by a small set of companies and viewpoints. The ideals of America that all people shall have an equal right to express themselves an access to do so is fading away, if it is not already gone. People today see advertisements in every place they look including schools, parks, and public transportation. Without people being able to have a though to themselves without seeing an advertisement destroys peoples freedom of thought and choice. Consumers today are shown ads everywhere without the right to place their own ads and express their own views. Do media corporations and the select few who control these corporations have the right to express their views and opinions and no one else's?.
             Advertisements are everywhere magazines, newspapers, radio, television, and even schools. Billboards hang on walls and stadiums at high schools and colleges nation wide. At my high school the seats had advertisements on the back. Everywhere you look there is something telling you what to believe, wear, or do in any given situation. These fact although sad gets worse the deeper you look into it. Not only do businesses and media companies choose whom or what they allow to be place in advertisements. Rejecting advertisers that media companies do not agree with or they think will hurt their profit margin. .
             When advertising space is bought, especially on television, personal opinion of the media company and the point or morals of the ad come into the decision of whether to allow it to air. For example the adbusters, a group of anti-consumerism advocates, attempt to purchase airtime at or above usual purchasing price and are denied on the policy of the ad or coverage. According to the television network companies that it might offend their other advertisers and hurt their profits from advertisers. Truly though there are plenty of anti-capitalist, anti-consumerism, anti-beer, and anti-cigarette groups to fill any gap that businesses refuse to take in advertising slots.

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