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So So Fresh Advertising

             The increased demand in marketing has created an advertisement "boom" in the last decade. Whether on the radio, TV, or computer, advertising has become a way of life. .
             So So Fresh Advertising.
             Americans spend most of their leisure time watching television, and viewing commercials. Americans have about 7 hours of "leisure- time per day, and about two-thirds of that time-more than 4 ½ hours-is spent with mass media (Croteau & Hoynes, p.5). Television and the mass media are full of advertisements that appeal and target the American people. Watching TV during our leisure time allows us to view many appealing advertisements. Ads come in many forms being through media, billboards, newspapers, or magazines. The information below will better acquaint you with advertisement in our popular culture and how it seeks into our leisure time. .
             Ads present its product as the solution to ugliness, zits, what's hip and in style, or whatever may appeal to the consumer. Advertisement bombard the average American 1500 times a day, through TV, radio, shopping malls, magazines, newspapers and billboards it's everywhere (Cross, p.1). Today society's people will spend most there leisure time watching TV, viewing advertisements which will then influence them to shopping and spending money on the product they viewed in that advertisement. To purchase products made by industrial capitalist. American people leisure time is usually spent in front of the television. Across America in the homes of the rich, middle class and in poverty- stricken homes and tenements as well as in schools and businesses sit a advertisers` mass marketing tool, television, magazines, books news papers etc., usurping freedoms from children and their parents and changing American culture. Advertisers within the constraints of the law, use their thirty-second commercials to target Americans to be decision-makers, and to buy the advertised food drink clothes and other products.

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