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Long Live Sport Adidas

             You've just come home from a full day at school, put in a couple hours at work, and the last thing you want to deal with is the bombardment of television commercials. Instead of relaxing in front of a television and being persuaded to buy, buy, buy I pick up a magazine to help me wind down after a long day. In an attempt to not be subject to commercials, I hope that reading some articles in a magazine will avoid this. But even then the first chunk of a magazine is full of companies trying to tell you that something has to be wrong in your life and buying their product will fix it.
             Rolling Stone magazine recently ran an advertisement for Adidas apparel simply stating the phrase "Long Live Sport." When glancing at this advertisement I don't even realize that there isn't a product being sold to me. The way the images are clustered together, without fluid movement between the scenes, your eye wanders all over it. Moving back and forth trying to take in everything that is being shown to me. Looking at this advertisement of two team mascots fighting forces me to remember cheering on my favorite team at a sporting event. Looking closer at this page I can see why I feel this way, it's the constant .
             Hornke 2.
             movement of my eyes. Without really focusing on one area for too long, it's very similar to being at a game. The fact that even the two team mascots get into the action, defending their own team, and ultimately joining the action of a rivalry is humorous. Which is a good thing for an advertisement or commercial to make a consumer feel, you"ll remember it better that way. The colors depicted here are deep green, and navy blue which are popular team colors that can remind almost anyone of their favorite home team. This allows everyone to relate to the advertisement, and not feel left out. The team jerseys have red and blue, with white strips on the sleeves, making the advertisement give you a feeling of patriotism.

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