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            Introduction Timing Nike's success can be attributed to the era of "fitness craze" in 80s, when indoor activity like aerobics became enormously popular. There was a revolutionary change in how people perceived about sports. No longer sports were regarded as merely for recreation. Rather, sports are essential in order to live in healthy and productive life. More and more people start to exercise among poplar ones were jogging and aerobics. As result, demand for athlete footwear increased. In 80s, Reebok with their stylish "FreeStyle" shoes, specifically for indoor activities, was number one at the time. But, very soon eventually Nike would take over Reebok and become dominant force in athlete footwear and apparel industry. Marketing Strategy Probably the most important marketing strategy( and very successful one) was endorsement of top athletes in every sport. It is this strategy that enable Nike to extend its popularity "beyond one segment, but into children's men's, women's and all the levels (cross-training, basketball, etc.)"( Peedin: 3).Endorsement was the primary weapon being used to attain its goals to dominate the market. Nike was pioneer in endorsing famous athletes to promote the products. It was not after proving the effectiveness of endorsement, other companies, such as Reebok, followed the footstep of Nike. First athlete to be endorsed was running star Steve Prefontaine in 1973 . Then came along with Jimmy Connors, tennis star in 1974. And in 1985, Michael Jordan, the most important athlete Nike ever had(Peedin: 3). The strategy was to make connection between products and athletes, not to emphasize the product itself in advertisement. To do so, Weiden & Kennedy, Nike's advertising company, applies "image transfer"(#1). It is a method "to create a mood, an attitude, and then associate the product with that mood". A connection implies that the best athletes prefer Nike products.

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