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The Treatment of Pregnant Female Inmates

            Prison can be a very cruel place to be, but what is inhumane can be the way how inmates are being treated. Even though it is justice to punish the ones who commit the crime but how far would we punish to consider it to be justice? The idea on how we should punish inmates can be a very hard question to answer. They are human as well but need to face the consequences but does it matter who the inmates are. The prison does not discriminate on who should be punish less or more because even pregnant women are being punish as hard as anyone else who is in the facility. This is becoming a big issue due to how cruel it can be for pregnant inmates in the facility. Correctional officers are not aware to be less aggressive to female inmates who are pregnant because they follow their rules and regulations on all inmates are treated equal no matter who they are. Female inmates who are pregnant are at risk from health issue to their baby's health in prison. Guards do not care but punish them the same as any other inmate in the facility but is this justice or a contradicting to the eight amendment. One of the issue in prison is the way how they punish pregnant inmates because it is not just one life but now dealing with two life including the baby who is in the women's womb. The issue is still shackling pregnant inmates during child birth. Police officers are still with the inmate while giving birth. This may seem inhumane or is it a form of procedure. Either way this is a health risk to both the women and the baby which now it can link to murder whether it is one or the other. Shackling pregnant inmates goes against the eight amendment and should be banned from prison institutions. Hand cuffing pregnant inmates is cruel and should not be a procedure, they should not be denied from health services but have the care that they need in prison. .
             Excessive force is one thing to look at because correctional officers may over power on the force they have.

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