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Juvenile Deliquency

            Juvenile Delinquency: A Destructive Problem for American Youth.
             Research shows that juvenile delinquency has been dramatically dropping, self-esteem, and anti-social behaviors are still a problem for youth across America. Though it occasionally seems that more teenagers are in trouble, the fact is teens have become less active in gangs, drug use, and dropping out of school ("Juvenile Delinquency" encyclopedia). On September 26th 2002 80 million dollars was given to organizations to prevent violence, and an additional 45.5 million was sent to Drug-Free America ("Juvenile Delinquency" Internet). Through the aide of government funding, millions of children now have a brighter future. Although, parents are the main reason for children to become unlawful, often a problem child is raised in a home where parents are insensitive and careless about what they say or do. With the help of new programs juvenile delinquency should continue to decrease.
             The environment a child is raised in, whether it be family or location, affects the outlook on life. Over 90% of the juveniles arrested said they lived in an unhappy neighborhood, which usually are slums (Frost). Industrialization has tremendously increased throughout the past five decades. These new industries produce millions of produces a year; the goods made by a company are easy to steal. To most homeless children this becomes a way of life; once said by a juvenile theft "This is how I live" (Krisberg). New programs, such as free tutoring, are offered to students who struggle with grades. This along with other after school activities: sports, clubs, and a place for teens to socialize; help a child stay away from trouble. Recently more teens have began to work; this gives them a sense of adulthood and more responsibility. Though higher wages promote dropping out of school to join the work force. Juveniles, who have already been in trouble with the law, are sent to foster homes because of their careless parents raising them.

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