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Effects that the Enviroment Have on Juvenile Deliquency

             I researched the effects that the environment has on juvenile delinquents. This paper describes the literature that I read on the topic, and the findings of many different researchers. I describe the effects of the family, peers, gender, race, environment etc. There are many different beliefs of why children are delinquent. Some theorists say that it is genetic, or it is because of their upbringing, or peers and so forth. In this paper I will attempt to answer some of my questions and some of the questions others have asked about this thing called delinquency. I want to know the effect that ones environment has on them when it comes to delinquency. In this paper I will attempt to try to answer this question.
             II. Literature.
             Juvenile delinquency is a frequently discussed subject. Theorists and researchers have been trying many different methods, theories and projects to help extinguish and explain delinquency. The fact of the matter is that there have been great ideas and good movements, but results are at a minimal (meaning we have found some ways to slow down or stop delinquency for the moment, but we, as people have not found a permanent cure). We as peers, parents, siblings, family etc. have not found a cure or a set way to slow down this thing we call delinquency. We slow it down for the moment but it still occurring. There are many different variables that contribute to juvenile delinquency. Variables such as gender peers, race, rural settings, urban settings, environment, family, school, and justice system. There have been many attempts to research all of these variables, and there has been a great attempt to improve the research that has been done before. .
             In regard to gender, the assumption is that girls are non-violent, and boys have violent tendencies. The fact is that girls are involved in violent acts also, it is just that they are not discussed/mentioned that much (Heimer and DeCoster, 1999, p.

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