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Paul and the Face of Christianity

            Paul undeniably amended the face of Christianity as he bought about large changes in the early years of the Church, influenced the work of many others as Christianity developed and continues to have an ever-growing effect on faith today. As Neal Shusterman's quote implies, growth is continuos and has an ever-continuing effect, which is evident in Christianity, through Paul's work. Paul played a significant role in the foundation and growth of Christianity. Throughout his life, many events impacted the way the faith evolved and was practiced. Paul was an advocate for the inclusion of all among the followers of Christianity. He challenged the belief that non-Jews had to convert to Judaism and abide by the laws of Moses, including circumcision, at the Council of Jerusalem in 50CE. This was a turning point in the history of the Christianity as Paul's understanding of the gospel was adopted by the Church as her own. Paul proved that Jesus' ministry was about encompassing everyone, resulting in Gentiles being able to convert without circumcision. In Paul's letters to the Galatians he elucidates the fact that there should be no discriminatory restrictions as to who can practice Christianity, "Gentile or Jew, servant or free" (Galatians 3:28). Neal Shusterman's quote highlights the theme of growth and development due to a change, Paul being the change that causes the growth and development of the Church. The outcomes of the Council of Jerusalem illustrates Paul's impact on the initial growth and development of the Christianity in the early stages of the Church. .
             Paul's contributions continued long after his life, and many influential figures embraced his concepts as their own. Martin Luther made several individual contributions to the development of Christianity, including initiating the Protestant Reformation. Although Luther conducted these acts hundreds of years after Paul's existence, Paul's teachings had an enormous impact on Luther's work.

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