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Overview of a Craftsman-Style Home

            My architectural design problem is a Craftsman style home. What makes it a Craftsman style is the columns and roof. They have only straight lines rather than curves that would show up in Tuscan and Spanish style homes. The front yard is approximately three thousand, seven hundred square feet. The back yard, including the sides of the house is approximately five thousand, five hundred square feet. The back yard has such a wide open space, you can add on a swimming pool. There is a patio and porch in the frontyard and backyard. It has one master bedroom and two bedrooms. It has two and a half bathroom. The kitchen and dining room has a pantry closet. There is a large family room. Also, there is a laundry room. Additionally, this house has a big storage closet.
             While entering through the front door of the house, the bedroom number three is on the first right. Bedroom number three is approximately one hundred eighty-eight square feet. It is one hundred sixty-five inches by one hundred sixty-four inches. The door is twenty-four inches wide and eight inches tall. Each bedroom has its own walk-in-closets. Bedroom number three has three windows. Each window of the room is forty inches wide by fifty inches high. The windows are twenty inches off the floor of the house. The next room over on the right side is a half bathroom. It is only seventy-three inches square feet. The door if the half bathroom is twenty-four inches wide and eighty inches tall. The window is twenty inches wide and thirty inches tall. The window is about thirty-five inches from the floor. It contains only a twin sink or a washbasin counter and a toilet. This bathroom is designed for guests, so they can find a restroom easily, that is why there is no shower or bathtub.
             On the first left, from the front door, there is a laundry room. It is seventy-four and a half square feet. The laundry room is definitely big enough for a large washing machine and a large dryer.

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