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Renassiance Man and Shakespeare

            The movie "Renaissance Man,' is a 1994 American comedy film. In Australia the film is also known as the Army Intelligence. I really liked the movie Renaissance Man because it has a good sense of humor but at the same time it has an educational side to it as well. It also shows that learning doesn't always have to be stressful - you can make it fun and educational the same time. To show Renaissance Man in class to introduce Shakespeare's Hamlet is a good idea because it gives the viewers a good outline of what Hamlet is about, it's inspiring, and the movie shows that anyone can feel connected to Shakespeare's work.  .
             Showing Renaissance Man was a great way to introduce Hamlet to the class because it gives the class a good outline of what Hamlet is all about. In the movie, Bill Rago, who is the teacher, goes through the main and important parts of Hamlet and explains them so that his students and the viewers can understand what is going on in the play. He also answers some questions that his students asked about Shakespeare and his plays. For example, one of his students asked why Shakespeare uses a different style of English to write his play. In doing that, the viewers have a good idea on what Hamlet is about and what going on in the play and why certain things are done and said. The movie explains Hamlet by answering questions that students ask the most and giving the students a good idea on what's going on in Hamlet, which is one of the reasons why the movie is a good introduction to Hamlet.
             The second reason why Renaissance man was a good way to introduce Hamlet to the class because it inspires the students to read the book. For example, when Melvin, one of Rago's students, was reading a letter he got from his brother to Haywood, Haywood pointed out that there was a simile in it. He learned that because of Hamlet, since similes are one of the many rhetorical devices that was used in Hamlet.

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