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Legalizing Surrogacy in India

            In India, the average woman makes around two dollars a month, which comes to about twenty-four dollars a year. That is not even enough money to survive on. The average American woman makes about fifty-eight dollars a day at minimum wage. In America, that is barely enough to survive. With that being said, being a surrogate mother opens up a lot of opportunities for the surrogate and her family. A surrogate mother can be paid anywhere from six thousand dollars to twelve thousand dollars or more. From making twenty-four dollars a year to making up to twelve thousand dollars in nine months can really change the lifestyles of these Indian families. .
             One major change in the lifestyle is the role the woman play in the home. There are laws and rights that the women have, but they are never executed. Unlike most women in America, India women can work, but they are not allowed to make more money than her husband. They are allowed to be educated, as long as she is not more educated that her husband. On that note, India women does not even get to chose the "love of her life", her parents do. She will take her husbands last name and move into his house. The women sworn role in India, is cooking for her family and taking care of the entire house hold chores. If these responsibilities become too much for her to handle she has to quit her job if she even works. The bad part is that Indian women just go along with these rules that does not even exist. In India, women are expected to depend on a man for financial needs like, bringing home food, providing a house, and providing all of the necessities to live everyday. That is rapidly changing. One major change is the income coming into the house by the women. By becoming a surrogate mother, she increases the income by over twelve thousand dollars a year. That would make the life of the family better than ever. .
             In 2002, India legalized surrogacy in order to promote medical tourism.

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