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The Impeachment Process and President Clinton

            In the history of the United States, there have only been two presidents that have ever been impeached. One of them being Andrew Johnson and the other one being William Jefferson Clinton also known as Bill Clinton. In this essay, I will write about how the whole scandal happened, the charges Clinton faced, the process of impeachment, why and how Clinton was impeached, and the Senate trial that took place.
             The reason for the Presidents Impeachment was because of his numerous sex related issues with women. However, his worst scandal that caused his downfall was the one with Monica Lewinsky. Lewinsky was a young woman who had worked in the White House in 1995 as an intern and then in a staff job from December through early April, when she was transferred to the Pentagon.1 There was always suspicion among the White House staff members on why the President and Miss Lewinsky would see each other so much. While working at the Pentagon for the next twenty-one months, she was cleared to enter the White House thirty-seven times. During her time at the Pentagon, Lewinski also became friends with Linda Tripp. Linda Tripp knew about their relationship so she began to record Lewinski's phone calls. In the meanwhile, the President was facing another lawsuit from a woman named Paula Jones who claimed that when the President was Governor of Arkansas, he had sexually harassed her in a hotel in Little Rock. Linda Tripp then decided to turn her phone call recordings with Miss Lewinski to the Paula Jones lawyer Kenneth Starr on January 12, 1998. When questioned in the Jones case whether or not he had sexual relations with Monica Lewinski, the President denied it, opening him up to possible charges of perjury. Also, charges of obstruction of justice were a possibility since Starr believed that the President manipulated the tapes in an illegal way. He insisted that he gave accurate answers and that he had never called upon anyone to lie, hide, or destroy any evidence.

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