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Sex Scandal- Bill Clinton

            In recent history, one would be hard pressed to find one politician surrounded in more controversy what Bill Clinton did. His scandals have included drugs, adultery, treason, fraud, and affair. .
             Clinton was the youngest governor of Arkansas and has been awarded with many different honors and still has misused his power. People will always remember Bill Clinton but might be different. Some might remember him as a wonderful president who helped our country pulls through the millennium unscathed. He protected our environment, promoted education, strengthened our economy, dropped the crime rate, dropped our nation's poverty levels and had some victories with international policies. The latest opposition that has plagued his presidency resulted in him becoming only the second president in the history of the United States to be impeached. Clinton has done many things during his presidency. Some were good some were bad. He made some mistakes and bad choices, but in the whole, he helped our country excel and flourish. .
             One of the things Clinton is most famous for, but not the proudest of, is his affairs while in presidency. "In 1995, Monica Lewinsky, a recent graduate of Lewis and Clark College in Portland, began an internship at the White House in Washington, D.C. She quickly became close acquaintances with the President, as she transferred to a job in which she worked very closely to him" (Isikof). This is when the infamous Monica Lewinsky first appeared on our television sets. The American population did not know Lewinsky until the scandal broke. With records of 37 visits to the Oval Office by a 21 year old intern, anyone who thinks that Bill Clinton did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky is a simpleton. Linda Tripp, a friend of Monica Lewinsky's, taped several phone conversations that she had with Lewinsky in which Lewinsky talked about giving oral sex to Clinton in a private study in the Oval office.

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