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Hillary Clinton

             Hillary Clinton, a woman wrapped in an enigma to most and truly only understood by a select few. Since the early days of Bill's political career from Lawyer to Governor and then to President, to the rise of her own political career as a Senator. Moving from sex sandal to sex scandal and still standing by her man despite the opinions and views of others, but why? All will soon be revealed. Who is Hillary Rodham Clinton and what makes her and her family tick.
             To answer this we must identify and analyze Hillary and Bill's relationship with one another. Bill and Hillary have a very symbiotic relation ship with one another in the sense that they feed off of one another's courage, cunning and intelligence to motivate each other's independent goals. You see the Clintons have never struck me as a couple that married each other out of physical love for one another but rather for the love of each other's minds. You see this dwindles down the complex and enigma of Hillary and makes perfect sense of why she wasn't completely upset about the Monica thing, and I personally believe that if Bill were to double cross Hillary in a business deal it would hurt her more than any thing because he would be betraying her mind or in other words to her the soul being of their love.
             A comment was made that Bill Clinton is still a child emotionally speaking, where in a sense is completely true but then you must factor in the many sayings such as "all guys are dogs", "boys will be boys", and "all work and no play make jack a dull boy." Leaving it to be plain and simple it is in the nature of man to be immature and carefree thus forth defining what is a man and what Bill Clinton is along with three billion others around the world. Thus making the comment an unfair and cruel attack on Bill Clinton.
             Hillary, how many times must she save him, why dose she stay, and what dose she get out of her marriage? All these questions are easily answered through careful and considerable thought.

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