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Democratic Presidential Candidate - Hillary Clinton

            Women in position of leadership traditionally have been treated as unwelcomed. This attitude is not something that was once dominant in our past and still goes on today. There are a lot of people currently in the public eye, people who have a great deal to do with our country and the way that it has been managed, but never has a woman became the President of the United States. One face that has been around for many years, but is not always looked upon has been Hilary Clinton. Hilary Rodham Clinton has achieved a great amount and she should be recognized for this. I believe that if Hilary can somehow raise her voice she has an excellent opportunity to be the first woman president due to her leadership, past experience, and her proof that she has the stamina and courage that the job requires as president. .
             Hilary has several advantages over other candidates running for the Democratic Party for this presidency. Due to her early career she has some benefits that could lead her to victory. Hilary was born in Chicago, Illinois where she was raised in Park Ridge located 15 miles downtown of Chicago. Her parents Hugh Rodham, was a fabric storeowner, and Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham was a homemaker. She was elected president of her high school class, earned several honors and was extremely active in student politics. Once she graduated she went off to Yale Law School where she met Bill Clinton. They got married October 11, 1975 at their home in Fayetteville and later on had a daughter, Chelsea Victoria. From a lawyer, to the First Lady of Arkansas, to America's First Lady, New York senator, working under Obama administration, to now having the chance to become our president, Hillary exemplifies many qualities and aspects of a great leader. (Caroli, 2016). .
             Mrs. Clinton has extreme amounts of courage. She believes in standing up for what she thinks is right, no matter the consequences. This was especially the case when she chaired the Task Force on National Health Care Reform in 1993.

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