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Hillary Clinton and the Dark Side of the Internet

            Should we regard advancements of the internet? Nowadays, people can find information that they want to know from many sources such as internet, news, libraries. However, they usually use the internet as a fastest choice to access information because of its convenient. Beside this advantage of the internet, its is also dangerous to the users because of anti-political groups, human traffickers, child pornographers or hackers. Hence, the Internet users and governments should have methods and regulations that can prevent them from these effects. "Internet Rights and Wrongs – Choices and Challenges in a Networked World" (Comley 570) is the article that Hillary Clinton wants to expand her thought about the negative side of the internet to the world. .
             In the article "Internet Rights and Wrongs – Choices and Challenges in a Networked World" (Comley 570) Hillary Rodham Clinton gives a question about whether the internet is a force for liberation or repression. In the beginning, she mentions about the dark side of the internet was caused by the conflicts of the Egyptian government. Their government did not want the people to communicate with each other, so they cut off the internet services. Additionally, she recalls about a Protestant movement that occurred in Iran when thousands of opponent disputed the elections. The protestors used websites to post a video killing a young woman, and it was sent to many people. By using these two countries as the examples, Clinton shows the advantages and disadvantages of the internet to the users. On the other hand, Clinton lists three important challenges, that people might face with. The first challenge is achieving both liberty and security, which are not only equal but also opposite to each other. The next challenge is protecting both transparency and confidentiality. Finally, the last challenge is protecting free expression while fostering tolerance and civility.

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