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             The presidency of Bill Clinton was filled with scandals that kept Clinton in the media spotlight throughout the entire eight years of his presidency. In one particular case, prosecutors tried to prove a sexual relationship between Clinton and a former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. The scandal, known as the Monica Lewinsky Scandal, became extremely involved and included many people. The causes of the public awareness of the case as well as the case itself end in the eventual impeachment of the president. The investigation lasted several months and included testimonies from Clinton's Secret Service agents, along with evidence from Lewinsky's close friend, Linda Tripp. Once granted immunity in the case Lewinsky herself also provided evidence against the president. The investigation was led by Republican Independent council Kenneth Starr who encouraged devious behavior and spent millions of dollars in the completion of his Starr Report; which included events that began during the beginning of Clinton's presidency.
             Lewinsky was a "bright, sweet, outgoing girl" raised in a household with tremendous wealth in the ritzy Beverly Hills of California. Although she grew up with every advantage that many of America's youth does not have she still struggled with self confidence. Friends claim her fathers indifference toward her led to finding pleasure in food and then, later in life, men. Many feel she sought to please men in a psychological battle with herself because of the lack of positive attention from her father when she was younger. Her parents Bernard and Marcia Kaye Vilensky married in February 1969 and then divorced in 1988; the couple shared custody of the children where Bernard continued to reject his daughter. The family became extremely dysfunctional; during the divorce hearing Marcia claimed Bernard had "a violent temper." On the other hand Marcia was portrayed somewhat of a gold digger who charged thousands of dollars before telling Bernard the marriage was off.

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