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American Poetry and a Multi-Cultural Nation

            After reading and discussing the poems: "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus, "I Too" by Langston Hughes, and "I Hear America Singing" by Walt Whitman, I realize that culture is all around us. My topic is based off of the moving of immigrants. Sometimes we sit around and judge, not knowing that America is really made up of immigrants. Immigrants come from different countries to make a better life off of money. Immigrants do this because they weren't as wealthy as the United States. Immigrants were looking for a better way to live their life just like us. When people just want accept that Immigrants want a better life, they don't know the blessing their missing. .
             You know, the movement of immigrants coming to this country has benefited the United States in so many ways. These cultures of people have made countless contributions to Americans and helped the United States know that there are different cultures in the world. Even though we are different, we need to learn that we are equal and should be able to become one as a country. I know that you might be wondering what the immigrants has really done for the United States. Well, with the different cultures, they were able to impact all of the foods we eat, the clothes that we enjoy wearing, and even the holidays that we love celebrate. Maybe if we didn't have Italian people, we wouldn't have delicious pizza or pasta. What if we didn't have the Chinese? We probably wouldn't think of wearing the pretty fabric of their dresses or buying certain items that they make and send to the United States. Let's not forget about Jews, we wouldn't even know about Hanukah. All of these changes helped us to learn about new cultures and understand what other cultures mean. I think that it helps us to be more open to different races, ethnic groups, and different religions. .
             Since immigrants started coming, America has grown from east to west.

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