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Nutritional Foods and Tuberculosis

            Tuberculosis or TB is a very infectious airborne disease of the lungs that is spread through contact with the infected person or by air droplet particles when someone sneezes. Tuberculosis has become a major health concern in Papua New Guinea because of the rate it is spreading across the country. Tuberculosis continues among the top 5 causes of deaths and hospital admittances in PNG over the years and is responsible for a lot of deaths and illnesses among people according to Mr. Pascoe Kase‚Ä®the Acting Secretary for Health. This disease has also become a burden on the country's economy where millions of kina are put into drugs for treating this disease. But, there is another alternative for treating TB and is much more cheaper and less of a burden all it needs is just continuous commitment and that is by eating healthy and nutritional. There are three different aspects that I will be explaining under the topic How can Nutritional Food, traditional food, help reduce the impact of Tuberculosis? The first aspect is on the different lifestyles in Papua New Guinea that are contributing to the spreading of TB, the second aspect is about how nutritional food help strengthen the immune system and the third aspect is about the importance of organic traditional food for people living with TB.
             The first aspect is about the lifestyle of people in Papua New Guinea and how it is adding to the spread of TB in Papua New Guinea. Over the years the way of life of people in Papua New Guinea have evolved and changed in quite a negative way. People leaving in urban areas are all now leaving off the restaurants and food outlets; this has become the way of life for many of these people, especially those in the workforce. At present, PNG is soaked in a blending of modern ways that has, over time, harvested a deadly issue on the pleasures and conveniences it has provided. The Western diet that is mostly consumed is characterized by an over consumption and concentrated variety of refined sugars, salt, and saturated fat (Myles Nutrition Journal 2014, 13:61).

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