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Australian Poetry Analysis - Oodgeroo Noonuccal

            Unique works of Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker), subtly reflects upon her life. As such a strong figure for Aboriginals, one that fought for equal rights, including the right to be granted full citizenship, many of her poems reflects upon on the emotions felt by many Aboriginals. To do so, in her poem, 'We are going', the desperation and fight for her humble and proud community to receive equality is clearly evident. In her famous poem, "We are Going", Noonuccal reflects on the pain and sadness the Aboriginal people feel after being forced to leave their native lands. The poem is written on behalf of the members of an Aboriginal tribe and is a farwell message to their home land. Noonuccal portrays the people of her culture to be affected to a great extent. She describes them to be 'scattered', indicating they are uprooted without a settlement area and are no longer all together. .
             Through 'We are Going', Noonuccal is able to create a voice for all those Aboriginals that were left dispossessed as a result of the colonisation in the 1770's. Being one that understood the pain and fears that the Aboriginal's were faced with as many were left with no land and home, the poem is written to create awareness. 'Gone now and scattered', depicts the cruel act that left Aboriginals, displaced and forced out of their homeland, precisely the intended messages. .
             Besides reflecting on the hardship and turmoil felt by Aboriginals, the poem acts as an affirmation stating the Aboriginal culture is far from cease. The dying of their culture due to the assimilation policy, is referred to within the poem. The lines 13, 14 and 15 mentions just a few of the traditions that have been taken away.
             Moreover, Noonuccal reflects on the dismay and distress of Aboriginal people, and creates an opinion that communicates the pain of losing their land. Furthermore, the poem confirms the persistance of the Aboriginals.

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