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Poetry - Social Commentary

            Poetry and the role of the poet can be described as providing insights into social commentary. Poets can make society aware of the world around us - if we would only listen. Many poets feel compelled to write about the world of negativity we live in. They feel passionate about their work and feel it is their role in society to educate the rest of the world about forgotten issues. Poetry also provides a voice for people marginalised in society. I believe these insights are shown through figurative language and expression. Many poets use metaphorical terms and personification to covey their ideas in a unique and interesting way.
             Poetry offers insights into social commentary, in particular the way we treat our world. Many poems are written about our uncaring society. I believe Bruce Dawe wrote "Search and Destroy" with this idea in mind. The poem discusses the destruction and exploitation of Australian landscape. "Search and Destroy" comments on societies arrogant dominance and our negligence towards our world. The poem conveys a message warning us that if we do not do anything now, our natural world will fall apart. "Search and Destroy" is supposed to be a poem that celebrates the Bi-Centenary of Australia, however Dawe indicates that we do not have anything to celebrate. The final lines, "Two hundred more years like the last and what then shall withstand the blast", show Dawe's attitude to the way Australians treat the world. He suggests that in another two hundred years time there will not be anything left to destroy. Where "Search and Destroy" discusses the need to reform the way we treat our surroundings, "Like This for Years" by Michael Dransfield discusses the lack of support for Australian artists. He is an Australian poet, and feels the lack of support from Australians. This social commentary suggests Australians are apathetic towards Australian poets and do not show any respect. Dransfield's poem suggests the difficulties of being a poet, and as he says, " to be a poet in Australia is the ultimate commitment.

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