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Cultural Exchange and Cultural Appropriation

            Where do we create the boundary line between "appropriate" arrangements of cultural exchange and the consistent examples of cultural appropriation? Lately, it would seem that no line exists between them. Although that line between exchange and appropriation is very thin and hard to comprehend, it has two main objectives: Recognition and Respect. United States of America has always been known as the nation with its melting pot, or the salad bowl. Thousands of citizens with distinctive cultural heritages and backgrounds create America's nation. Americans who mature in diverse society can obtain other customs, religious traditions and dialect- this is considered cultural exchange. Laia Garcia fails to grasp the initial issue with cultural exchange. The main issue is lack of acknowledgement and required "permission" to borrow another culture.
             Laia Garcia stated "We cannot have real progress if we aren't able to truly let go of the barriers that divide us." She is essentially advocating plagiarism and theft. Imagine how you would feel if you found out someone used your essay and altered a couple of words, and made it their own. You would feel at a loss for words and disrespected. Not only would feel disrespected, but you would want recognition your work. Plagiarism is a considerable offense to all institutions. If a student is found guilty of plagiarism- deliberate and accidental- there are various consequences such as several days suspension, zero credit for that specific assignment, a F in the course, or suspension from the university. This concept relates to cultural appropriation and not cultural exchange, the idea of cultural appropriation is unfair and disrespectful to participants of the culture being "borrowed". .
             Cultural appropriation is a social and economic problem. This type of "borrowing" is deceitful because it deprives the minorities of the recognition they are entitled to.

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