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Realism in The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

            Realism is accepting a situation as it is instead of thinking what it could have been. Realism can be found throughout the book The Good Earth some of the realism is Wang Lung had a arranged marriage not true love, there are slaves, and Wang Lung grows up in a poor family and poor people are all over the earth. In the late nineteenth century China ''romantic love was no part of what a husband and a wife expected in a marriage". Wang Lung, a farmer, obtains his wife, O-lan, from the house of a wealthy Chinese family, the House of Hwang. Wang Lung and O-lan continue their lives as husband and wife, but never is there any mention of romance or love between the two. This type of relationship is a result of the arrangement of the marriage and the purpose of a marriage to the Chinese. Arrange marriage was very common in china. It was common in america and still common in india. When they got married they could not say anything about their face .
             Wang Lung and his father are super poor. His house is made of the earth with holes in the wall that he can't fix. He measures out every drop of water and every leaf of grass for fueling the oven. Since he is so poor he hasn't took a bath since he was a little kid. The first time he took a bath was when he went to get married. O-lan was a slave for the House of Hwang. Her family sold her to the house of wang when she was ten years old. They sold her because they didn't have any money to eat. The good thing about it was that she get a talent and that talent was cook good and work hard. The bad thing about it was that she had to work super hard. Also In the house of Wang you would get abused both verbally and physically by her slave owners. When men came over to the house of Wang they would rape the pretty girls. It was good that Olan wasn't pretty. In china the women were the slaves not the men and it was very common. Slavery was all over the china and america had them but american there were black men and women that were slaves.

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