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The Good Earth

             Buck, was a book about the typical chinese lifestyle. This story is about a poor man strugglling to escape the horrors of poverty. The farmer's name was Wang Lung and he was also in search of a spouse. The only spouse he could find was a women named O-Lan who was once a slave. Even though O-Lan was not attractive, yet she was still capable of doing everything else. The book shows the process of how Wang Lung Recieved his fortune. He gained his abundence through stealing jewerly from the south to buy land in the north. Wang Lung became incredibly wealthy and decided to save his forune rather spend it all. This book broke the typical chinese stereotype. A lot of people admired this book because of its' truthfulness but many asians dispised it because is showed the ugly side of thier society.
             Many things in this story were based on things Buck saw and expirenced in China. For example: in the book, Wang Lung's first daughter was displayed as a mentally disabled girl that counld not speak. In reality this was based on Buck's own daughter Carol who also suffered a similar disablity. This story also showed the chinese style of conduct to family. Wang Lung had an uncle who was a selfish good for nothing but yet he could never turn his back on him. Mainly because in asian culture, you are taught to always respect your elders and family. When famine had risen in the north, Wang Lung decided to move to the south thinking he would have a better chance to become wealthy. Because the north and south hated each other immensly, Wang Lung had a very hard time surviving in the south. After stealing all the jewelry from the south, Wang Lung moved back to the north where he bought more land to farm. People say that during this time of famine many resorted to cannbalism. This book displayed how Wang Lung went from a gracious and land loving man to a rich and concieded old man.
             Wang Lung was very vain about his image as a rich person, so vain that he lost part of himself.

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