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Climate Change and Planet Earth

            How do people really understand what is climate change is? Does anybody ask themselves about it? Is it scary thing? Or it's just nothing. In reality climate change is a threat to humans who already faced with Mother Nature's anger. We should be afraid of something unusual in this world where weather sim not normal anymore. Scientists have discovered that humans are causing these changes on Earth. In the book "The Rough Guide to Climate Change Second Edition" by Robert Henson we can find a lot of answers to good questions. However, the author speaks up about it with the facts. It's defiantly happening, we do know about it and we can stop it. .
             Climate change is an event that is effecting life on Earth with extreme temperature and weather change. Over the last century temperature of Earth increased up to 0.7 *C (1.3F), which already brought damage into important factors of life. Whole earth is warming up, each summer ice melts very fast since 1950s, and the growing seasons are longer more than two weeks, species and animals being pushed to new territories by nature in 12 miles average farther. There are my factors that will be effected including animal loss and agricultural industries. The weather got more extreme, it brings to us heavy rainstorms, longer and deeper droughts. For example, devastating Hurricane Katrina brought horrific damage in New Orleans, it killed over 1800 people and caused around $80 billion dollars' worth of damage. It was intense tropical storm with heavy rain and very powerful winds, which developed over warm water and used it as an energy. That summer Gulf of Mexico was unusually warm, which fueled the storm with unwanted power. .
             However, while many greenhouses occur naturally that keeps the Earth warm enough to support life, human use fossil fuels which is the main source of access greenhouse gasses. The environmental problems today are results from our fossil-fuel dependence.

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