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The Good Earth

            Every human being is the author of his own health or disease. In the book, The Good Earth, the writer Pearl S. Buck wrote this amazing story about an honest farmer, Wang Lung. The book follows the life of its principal character from his marriage day to his old age. In this book, Wang Lung it's definitely a dynamic character because he goes through a lot of changes. He changes from a loving, hard-working man of the earth to a proud, careless, insensitive lord. Does success and money change him? Was Wang Lung destroyed by his ambition?.
             Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes. The story is a sense of dramatic reality. Wang Lung gives us a tremendous taste of what may come to you when ambition and pride take over you. At the beginning of the book, it all started on the day of his marriage. He grew up in an isolated, illiterate community where patriarchal piety is the core value, and survival depends on endless physical labor. Since Wang Lung's father was a poor man, he had few options on choosing a wife. Wang Lung, on his way to get his wife, he gave money to a beggar. After all he was a good man. "He was pleased and he threw into the beggar's bowl two small cash- (p. 12). This shows his sympathy and compassion. He had a good heart and it's proven when he told his woman to take the box and the basket. Since she could not handle it, he helped her. "And he shifted the box to his own back, regardless of the best robe he wore- (p. 19). .
             He also loved his first son. He didn't" care about the money, he only cared about buying new clothes to his son. "But now for the first time such giving was not pain. He saw, the silver in the alien hand of a merchant in town; he saw the silver transmuted into something worth even more than itself - clothes upon the body of his son," (p. 35). Wang Lung was a good man, incapable of killing anyone. There were times of trouble when they had nothing to eat and he had to kill his ox.

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