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Film Study - Indigenous Voices

            Indigenous people in Australia face many challenges in today's society such as discrimination, prejudice and racism. The movie The Sapphires confronts many of these issues. The Sapphires is an Australian musical comedy-drama film directed by Wayne Blair released in 2012. The Sapphires centers around four indigenous women who are discovered by a talent scout and form a music group named The Sapphires. The group travels to Vietnam in 1968 to perform for allied troops during the Vietnam War. The film successfully depicts the challenges faced by Indigenous people in Australia. The film depicts discrimination, prejudice and racism faced by Indigenous people in Australia. There are many scenes that revolve around the issues faced by Indigenous Australians. .
             The Sapphires is a huge success due to its authenticity. The film was based in 1960's Australia on a true story about a girl group called The Sapphires who traveled around Vietnam. The group sang soul music to the allied troops. During the 1960's was a challenging time for the aboriginals as they faced a number of forms of prejudice, racism and discrimination. During the 1960s a great number of children were still removed from their home and is a main storyline of the film. We as Australians of 2015 need to know the challenges that the Australian Aboriginals have faced past and present, This knowledge is essential so we can understand the challenges that Aboriginal Australian have faced in the past and that these do not reoccur. National Sorry Day (26th May) is an annual event to raise awareness about the significance of the forcible removal policies and their impact on the children that were taken, but also on their families and communities. .
             The first social issue that will be outlined in The Sapphires is The Stolen Generation. During one particular scene the oldest sister Gail gets into an argument with her cousin Kay, after a performance, about whether Kay can still call herself an Aboriginal, as Gail accuses Kay of abandoning her people.

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