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Female Discrimination as a symbolic significance in Women at

            Nawal El Saadawi "s classic, "Woman at Point 0" is a novel filled with symbolic significance and social cognotation towards female discrimination. Eyes are perhaps one of the most significant icons of such literary piece, as they illustrate not only crucial themes within the novel, but also the character's most intimate longings and life contemplations. Through such symbolic literary device, Firdaus reveals an unceasing quest for ultimate (almost divine) revelation, constantly seeked through eyes of impelling, resolute characters.
             Leitmotifs are perhaps the most reiterative use of eye symbolism, as the author portrays both negative and positive themes through Firdaus interpretation of gaze. One of the most pertinent motifs is that of women as objects and mere pleasure divises. Because of such imposed condition, women tend to feel as the object of gaze. Such persecuting delusion is constantly seen through Firdaus most memorable circumstances (like being awarded a high school certificate), indicating traits of female underestimation and low self-esteem. The character envisions herself reflected through unfamiliar looks and henceforth cultivates a sense of diminishing self-worth and introvertive attitude.
             ".I saw all heads turn towards me, and all eyes staring in my direction, countless eyes transfromed under my gaze into innumerable rings of white sorrounding innumerable rigns of black which turned in a concerted circular movement to fix their look steadily in my eyes. ".
             Another example of such phenomena is experienced by the character at a later age, when, as female executive refuses to accept a sexual invitation from a higher class working administrator. Once more, it is seen how the eyes enable the character to infer a certain demoralizing tenor with respect to the female gender.
             ".I looked into his eyes. They clearly said , "You"re a poor, miserable employee, unworthy of esteem (.

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