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David Vetter - The Boy in the Bubble

            After watching the film "The Boy In The Bubble" it was hard for me to decide whether it was the right choice or bad choice of David Vetter's parents to bring David into this world. I personally do not think it was right of David's parents to bring him to this world due to the fact that they had already experienced the loss of their previous son with the same disease, David was a child that was suffering, and lastly, the doctors didn't have any hope if there will be a cure to save him. Making these kind of decisions is hard, we have to think on how we can effect other people. .
             David's mother has a rare genetic disease that could leave her sons without a functioning immune system called SCID. When David's mother got pregnant with her first baby boy she found out that her son was born with SCID, and died at 7 months. After the loss of her first boy she got pregnant again with another boy and decided to keep the baby risking that there is a fifty percent change he might come out with the same disease. If I was David's parents I would have thought twice about keeping the baby because it is hurtful to know that their second unborn child will have the same disease that killed their first son. It is just heartbreaking to have to deal with that situation twice after they had experienced the loss of their first son born. .
             In David's short life of living, he did not live like a normal child. David was depressed to the fact that he couldn't do what the other kids were doing. He would watch outside the windows seeing all the other kids playing and wishing he could do the same. The most heartbreaking thing David couldn't do was having the loving touch of his mother. Seeing David unhappy was not something his parents would have wanted to see. He didn't experience any fun in his life, and his dying wish was to taste Coca Cola. I wouldn't be able to bring a child to this world and watch him suffer.

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